Implementation Issues on MEMS - A Study on System Identification

Heiko Wolfram, et al.


A nonlinear identification scheme is provided for a LTI-system with a feedback-nonlinearity, which depends on the input and LTI-system output. This is especially the case for MEMS, where the electrostatic field depends on the displacement and input voltage. The fact, that the algorithm only requires a matrix inversion and singular value decomposition, makes it possible to use the identification scheme for on-line estimation. There is also no other a-priori knowledge about the system, except the order, needed.


MEMS, Identification, Nonlinearity, Micro-Mirror, Accelerometer


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Matlab/Simulink Functions

NL-Identification Function IDENT_NL (10463 Bytes)

Simulink Test Model S_TEST (14732 Bytes)

Simulink Mirror Model S_MIRROR (18999 Bytes)

Initialization Script MIRROR for Model s_mirror (1314 Bytes)

S-Function SFUNMOMENT for Model s_mirror (4081 Bytes)

Plot-Function for Nonlinearity in sfunmoment (816 Bytes)

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Heiko Wolfram, October 28, 2005